Products now available:

Christmas Fleece:
The 2020 Newfie Christmas Tree Delivery fleece is here!
Fleece 1
Newfie and Christmas Tree Delivery Fleece

50″ × 60″ – $54.95

Other fleece blankets to keep you warm:
Fleece 1
Newfie and Christmas Card Fleece

Fleece 1
Newfie and Clydesdale Fleece

Fleece 2
Newfie and Reindeer Christmas Fleece

Fleece 2
Snowy Friends Fleece

New calendar for 2021:

The Newfies at Home calendar for 2021 is available for purchase!

2020 Calendar
Newfies at Home 2021 Calendar (available here starting at 8am PST)

12″ square – $24.95

Also available and perfect to make your home more festive!

Christmas doormat
Newfie and Christmas Tree Delivery Doormat

36″ × 24″ – $42

Artmasks are available for purchase…

with new Holiday designs added!

Artmask choices are any artwork on the Prints page or the InstagramMore Artmask choices
2020 Artmask

Choose from any item here on the Prints page or from the Instagram page – $15, one size

5/8″ – $20/pair

1″ – $29/pair

Newfie Chocolate Pot and Mug

Newfie Chocolate Pot with Mug

2 piece set – $55, Chocolate Pot Only – $40.00

Winter Puzzle:

Winter White Fluffies Puzzle

250 piece, 10″ × 14″, with tin – $25

Coin Purse:
A perfect carrier for all sorts of trinkets and baubles (or puppy treats)!
Coin Purse depicting a Newfie dog resting on flowers
Newfie Coin Purse

3¾” × 4¾” – $18

Watering Can for Summer:


4th of July Newfie with Watering Can
3.5 L – $20

Prints, greeting cards, and luggage tags are available of all pictures below.


  • 12″ square are $25
  • 14″, 16″, 18″ and larger are $30


  • Packs of 8, sized 4″ × 6″, are $15. Personalization available (names, “Thank You”, other occasions, etc.).

Luggage tags:
Image of luggage tags, in which a dog holds a suitcase emblazoned with a custom name upon it

  • Luggage tags are available now of any image included here or any image posted on Instagram and can be customized with your name and address! Luggage tag pictured is Newfie Luggage.
  • 4″ × 2½” is $18
  • 3″ × 1¾” is $15

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